CompetenceCenter Idéburna Malmö

This is project is driven by Malmö Ideella (MIP)with intention that voluntary organizations and Non-governmental organizations have the possibility of influencing and promoting the various groups with different backgrounds in the society.
Our vision and goal is to develop these groups and competence within these organizations in Malmö. This project is led by employees, organization leaders and organization’s board members. At the same time by people that are actively promoting this project.

As a value that we share between us to promote this project. 82 organizations and voluntary organizations are actively participating today.

Our project is based on these three parameters:

  • A digital platform as well as a center where people can visit in personal is in process.
  • In accordance with progress and requirement the competence center will undergo changes and developed.
  • A platform for organizations, public sector and people that are involved in voluntary and non-governmental organizations will be created.

Moreover a platform that is for the competence development of the employed and those that are employed within voluntary organizations is also a work in progress. All the activities that are part of this project are carefully monitored and checked if they are in coherence with organizations conditions at all times. The most important part of this project is to hold educations in a periodical manner. At the same time to run a digital platform for interactions between people from voluntary, non-governmental organizations, private companies and academics.

The main purpose of the Project is to identify important factors that are suitable and relevant for the competence development that are directed towards sustainable development in the voluntary and non-governmental organizations of Malmö.

Ivar Scotte, project leader

In the 2014, a study was conducted by Civil Kraft that formed the voluntary organizations purpose and requirements. But the study was not able to show 3295 fulltime, halftime employees and actively volunteering in these organizations. Thereby it is to MIP’s interest to protect these actors from deprivation of interest. Keeping in mind the disregard for profit margin or in attaining something that would lead to capital for the organization.

MIP takes also responsibility for providing a wide range of educations for organization members and leaders with ambition in need of support to influence societal improvement.